Seminar & Workshop

CSME will feature Workshops and Industry Seminars which provide guidance and insight into the latest trends within marketing, sales and customer engagement.

Seminar & Workshop Topics

  • Child And Cyber Safety
  • Child And Car Safety
  • Child And Bus Safety
  • Child And Traffic Safety
  • Child Safety Law
  • Child And Electrical Safety
  • Child Emergency Preparedness
  • Child And Building Safety
  • Child And Health Safety
  • Child And Food Safety

Please Note

  1. The workshop and seminar topics could be proposed by the speaker and to be approved by organizer.
  2. Seminar formats are reserved for exhibitors and partners of Child Safety Middle East who have registered until October 31, 2018.
  3. Seminar room and presentation technology is provided by the organizer
  4. The acceptance and cancellation are to be sent out in early December 2018.

Seminars & Workshops!

Meet potential client to educate & create awareness about your brand or service.