Conference Overview

School Safety ForumCritical insights on safety of students

There are complex challenges faced by schools in today’s rapidly changing educational world for providing safe environment for their students. Schools safety professionals need to be trained and updated on safety, security, transportation, emergency management and technology related topics. As part of the Child Safety Middle East the School Safety Forum would gather school Administrators, Principals/Dean, Teachers, Security, School transport company, Law enforcement executives, consultants, technology directors and school safety professionals from all over the middle east and discuss the school safety concerns while updating themselves with the latest trends in the school safety.

Agenda Topics

Themes to be addressed will include:

  • Latest child safety products and technologies
  • Digital Threat assessment
  • Student Safety and Social Media: Knowing what’s going on in the online community
  • Bully Prevention
  • School Security & Emergency Preparedness
  • School security planning and management
  • Drugs and Alcohol Prevention
  • Emergency Planning, Drills and Improvement
  • Trauma: Impact on Youth and Adults
  • Mental Health
  • School Crisis Response and Recovery
  • Safe School Data Gathering
  • Safe School Buildings
  • School Bus Safety
  • Environmental hazards in school
  • School parking lot safety
  • Keeping safe while still having fun on school playgrounds
  • Risk Management and Care of Students with Disabilities
  • Tackling sexual assault and harassment
  • Sex, Abuse & Stranger danger
  • Student and health issues due to heavy bag packs

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Please Note

  1. The Language of the conference is in English.
  2. No Sales Pitch allowed, presentations are to add to the knowledge exchange.
  3. Proposals are for a 20 minute presentation in any of the programme tracks.
  4. Given the seniority of our presenters, last minute changes in speaker, topics and timings is inevitable. The organizers hence reserve the right to make changes in terms of topics, speakers and timings as deemed suitable in the larger interest of a successful conference.